Pseudomorphic digital artwork

I can’t wait for everyone to come to the Tarot World. This is a new fantasy and fun NFT game experience. Owning a Tarot card means you will get a unique collection of digital art.
--Non Din, founder of Tarot World

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What is Tarot NFT ?

Tarot is a new and original NFT ecological application DApps that maps physical works to quasi-form decentralized combined NFT ecological applications.

Tarot was initiated by Beta Labs. The twelve constellation body painting works of the artist Trina are encrypted and fixed at the bottom of the NFT and dispersed into a number of original fragments, which can be combined into a unique NFT pseudo-morphic digital artwork. It is a brand new DeFi+NFT product. Breakthrough and then upgrade.

Tarot integrates DEX, POL, Space Station, Metaverse, SMM, and AMM mechanisms to create a perfect cycle of ecosystems and complete the integration and circulation of assets and values with a unique incentive method and rare and limited value shaping.


The birth of Tarot heralds that the application of NFT technology has entered a new stage of development, and a new ecosystem that exceeds the existing DeFi volume is emerging.


Tarot is deployed on the TRON chain, adopts the TRC-721 specification, and 100% of the chain DAO runs automatically. It is a decentralized DeFi+NFT smart contract program full of fun and value.

  • DAO governance alliance, everyone can participate in the collaboration system
  • Rare works of art forging NFT, immeasurable value
  • 100% open source chain operation, highly decentralized autonomous system
  • The flow of funds to the contract address is open and transparent
  • TAT is fully smart contract output, and there is no official TAT reservation

Token Introduction

TAT is a token in the Tarot ecology. It is the first to use fragmentation and then synthesis to generate NFT. Beta Lab has proven the feasibility of the mechanism on the Tron blockchain, aiming to provide a transmission link for the creation of NFTs for physical works and solve NFT acquisition The liquidity and other issues of gamification are also more interesting in the exploration of gamification.

TAT Total issuance


Total planned destruction


Final total circulation


Transaction tax


Trading pair


Minimal transaction amount


Tarot Token

of tokens


of proceeds


Function Section

Constellation Fragment

Synthesize constellation card, redeem blind box

Constellation card

Produce TAT, card trading, synthetic tarot cards


TAT production, card trading, space station creation, divination

Space station

TAT, constellation fragments


Get cards

Light up

Card activation


Card, TAT

Blind box

Obtain constellation fragments and item cards

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Tarot NFT News


Tarot game strategy

When we get 10 fragments, we can proceed to fragment synthesis constellation card...


Frequently Asked Questions

The space station is the autonomous form of the DAO community and the way of community incentives, used to expand and consolidate the interactivity of Tarot community members...


Tarot Community Recruitment

We will start recruiting the Tarot community and pre-promotion activities on August 25, 2021...

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